The history that became DSI

Our communities' earliest origins date back to 2004 with the release of Halo 2 on Xbox. Having been a community formed via a merger in 2018 there are two sides to this story but one thing we can say for certain is both had their starts with Halo. DSI was formed in the summer of 2018, what many people do not know is the two major Clans at the time had been in a longstanding RIVALRY about three years. With leadership changes and time, commonalities were found and this community was forged with the best aspects of both.


Our vision

What we hope to accomplish

While it is clearly established we are a collection of gamers with a common interest for PvP, We are much more than this. DSI as a whole is not just a community but a family. Our driving motivation is to have fun playing the games we love and build something great out of our collective efforts we can all be proud of and excited to be a part of. 

Such as creating original content from the ground up, polishing rich lore and a universe entirely of our own, molding it into something tangible. Infusing the creativity of our members in every aspect of our community and watch it grow. Hosting events and coming together, holding nothing back while we shit talk to each other and have a good time. Make lifelong friends and just be there for each other while we raise the bar for our rivals!



Where we want to go

As a Military focused community with branches in games such as Starbase, Dual Universe, Star Citizen, and Space Engineers. DSI has its eye on a multitude of various goals.


Our initial focus, however, is establishing our infrastructure and dominance over our area of influence before taking to the stars as soon as possible. We strive to adhere to our core values as a community while providing an environment that is enjoyable for everyone involved. We are a community made and ran by veterans with a large following of such so understandably we are rough around the edges.

We strive to become the prominent fighting force anywhere we go, to be known for professionalism, precision, effectiveness, Loyalty, and dependability.